city of seven lakes in a country of two simultaneous summers

summer dress

Like my mood, weather is quite unpredictable at the onset of March. With three term papers to write and 101 research papers to check, I rode a jeep with my travel buddy to lose myself one hot saturday morning in Laguna and to finally get rid of asthma attacks. Since I had no plans of getting “lost”, I asked for directions to the city of seven lakes, San Pablo.

There I found peace and quiet. And a chill summer.

While wandering, I thought of writing my first book to be called Laguna, my Laguna, but I have to match Nick Joaquin’s style first in Manila, my Manila to deserve that title.

Here is the first of the seven: Sampaloc Lake, which I have always heard in folktales and tourism write ups but underestimated because of my embarrassing notion before that Laguna, my own hometown, is a boring place that should be called “the bedroom province” because many people from San Pedro to Calamba work in Manila and go to Laguna by night only to sleep. Alas, I am so wrong.






And here’s the ultimate treat to end the San Pablo day.


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