a blog about blogs

This is a personal blog that I initially put up for my close friends’ consumption only, but gradually, by way of coincidence or cosmic accident, strangers land on this space–and blog says hello. Do leave a comment or two, though. Nothing makes a blogger any happier than a visitor’s thoughts. Every comment gets response, of course. Unless you are a robot. –ai’s cracker ®


  • This site contains
  • a few years’ worth of
  • writing, traveling and having chill fun.
  • Too many theories,
  • ideologies, dogmas, and other
  • sorts of wickedness
  • have frozen us dead,
  • so we crack em all up here,
  • and seize another day.

I started as a Culture writer back in college, so this blog site also contains  reviews or commentary on movies, books, language, art works, pop culture, habits, places, and stuff.