BenCab Museum: that other world in the fog

In between reading books and editing articles, I bring here some memories from weeks ago at BenCab museum in Baguio City, Philippines.

Entrance fee is 100 pesos (prices are discounted for students). The museum has four floors of wonder and the fog outside reminds me of the blinding whiteness of Saramago’s Blindness.

Ben Cabrera is mostly known for his carvings,

but his paintings are equally captivating.

I love it when I tour museums without too many visitors, so I was glad there was just 1 to 3 other guests when we went here one weekday.

Being alone in a museum gives you the freedom to react honestly to a work of art.

Other painters and artists were also on display at BenCab.

And, one of best features of this museum trip is that the building itself is a work of art. There is beauty inside and out.


(We took a cab to get here and walked a hundred meters or less to where some jeepneys going to Burnham Park wait.)

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7 years ago

I thought kasama ka sa mural painting hahaha!

7 years ago
Reply to  Mike

oh the street art? gotcha!