An invitation to El Nido


You are cordially invited to see land before time, to feel all hues of blue and green and colors in between,

to swim with the gifts of the sea and be the guest of a world beneath you never imagined,

to say Hi to the spirit of the mountains and rock formation that slid from another continent or dimension.


Observe that shapes and sounds are quite a twin to Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay or Thailand’s Krabi,

since Palawan belongs not to the tectonic plate of the Philippines,

but to a former Eurasian plate.


Should you accept the invitation:

You may bring a chaperon to hold your hand while climbing up a boat that will take you to the islands of mystery,

or wear a nice dainty hat for a proper walk on white sands,

or strip down to your bikini to warm the body and your adventurer’s heart.



You may have the exquisite option of being the embodiment of inner poise,


you may just let go,

let loose,

be free and

be bold.


Get away from the prison of your own thoughts,

let the huge rush of nature’s wonder wash over you,

and be the sort of person who came, saw, and conquer.


Should the town be drafty or the boat conk out,

let not such mishaps perturb you

because the gods and goddesses and the fairies and spirits – like a loyal friend or lover – shall make sure nothing is unbearable.


RSVP. Repondez, s’il vous plait. Reply, please.

Surely, El Nido would honor your presence.


(Photos taken with iPhone 4s, no filter)

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Magi Cali-Ogli
Magi Cali-Ogli
6 years ago

Hi Ate Aileen,

Astig ng Iphone Photography mo! 🙂

6 years ago

hi ma’am ai, esai here! suggestions naman po how to have a DIY El Nido trip for barkada gala, mga tipong back-packers budget po. Thank you!