Bangkok food trip

Eating in Bangkok can be as expensive or cheap or exciting (read: street food) as that in Manila.

smoked everything


As much as possible I try to eat in different places to maximize my visit here (leaving tomorrow!). It’s not always Thai that I go for. One time I found a really cheap steak house and ordered dory steak with hotdog (that tastes like Ikea hotdog) and fries and vegetable salad and slice of bread–all below 100 baht (120 pesos/3 USD). On my last night, I saw a foodcourt stall that serves Vietnamese pho (heaven’s gift to Vietnam I’d like to think). Then of course there was one time when my friends and I couldn’t resist the temptation of McDonald’s (tsk).

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8 years ago

Thai food has an effect on your taste buds nothing else can equal or surpass – The many toned curries are simply wild ! There was a time (In Sydney), I would eat five-seven times a week at the same Thai restaurant he he :-)……..

8 years ago
Reply to  Dilantha

oh hi, Dilantha! really? haha
yeah, Thai spice is not the spice you want to get rid off your mouth. It doesn’t have the typical sting of spicy foods and it’s better when it lingers in your mouth. Cool, SYdney. I was just reading a travelogue on it.